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213 things about me

Originally commissioned by Arts Commissioning Programme Unlimited as a moving image installation and exhibited at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival, ‘213 Things about Me’ was also presented as a theatre performance by actor Rosa Hoskins staged at the Battersea Arts Centre in May 2018.

It has now been produced into a 7-part narrative podcast published by Disability Arts Online as part of their Covid Commissions season. Additional funding was provided by Unlimited.

video installation

213 things about me


“I did that list. I’ve got 213 things.”  What she had to say was touching, funny, moving and sad. It’s both an exploration of how society presents to someone with a developmental disorder and it is also a tribute to a woman who came to the conclusion that her life was over – and so she stopped it.


Talking about the 2015  video work ‘213 Things About Me’ to Disability Arts Online: "Essentially it’s a portrait of a woman the film-maker knew for 16 years who took her own life in 2013. On one level 213 Things About Me is a personal statement. It is a film about how people who have a logical perspective on life find a lot of things that people do and say difficult. But on another level, in the way that the personal is political, there are undertones." more

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