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British Journalism Awards winner 2022: personal finance journalism

Channel 4 Dispatches and Hardcash Productions team who won the Personal Finance award at the British Journalism Awards 2022. Picture: ASV Photography Ltd for Press Gazette.

I won a British Journalism award tonight with my team - thank you Victoria, everyone and John Pring whom without his long-term work on the DWP this film would not have been nearly as good.

WINNER: Richard Butchins, Victoria Noble, David Henshaw, Melanie Quigley, John Pring and Ian Lloyd – Channel 4 Dispatches and Hardcash Productions: The Truth about Disability Benefits

The judges said: “This investigation dealt well with a sensitive issue and used robust information and a wide range of sources to bring the story to life.”

The awards aim to recognise great journalism which is revelatory and which has an impact. The judges are looking for work which displays journalistic skill and rigour and which serves the public interest.

Now in its eleventh year, this event celebrates the best public interest journalism produced for a UK audience. It is open to all publishers and journalists whatever the medium: print, broadcast and online.

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