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Broke: Britain's debt emergency: dispatches

Broke: Britain's Debt Emergency: Dispatches Channel 4, 21 September 2022

With Britain in the worst cost of living crisis in decades, Dispatches follows Citizens Advice Bureau debt advisors and three stories of extreme hardship and poverty.

" Although it has been called “insignificant” compared with the recent royal news by a certain BBC reporter, the cost of living crisis certainly hasn’t disappeared – in fact, it’s going to get far worse. In this special Dispatches episode, Citizens Advice debt advisers and some of the 14 million people who, the organisation predicts, will be unable to pay their energy bills this autumn, tell their stories. In Southend, mum Carly is dealing with a £20,000 debt as a result of payday loans. In Manchester, 28-year-old Mateena says she lives on lumps of sugar for her meals. That is the reality explored here." Hollie Richardson (The Guardian Newspaper)


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