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DEVLOP Artist Bursary: awarded by Unlimited

From AI Experiments 2023

I'm continuing my experimenting with a.i. to change and reform my images. I do not use the online versions at all I have installed one on my computer it gives me the option to make many many images to control the output much more closely. Here's one that I am pleased with.

Having worked with Unlimited before I was delighted to have been awarded a DEVLOP Artist Bursery. I have been awarded it to reimagine the works of Erik Satie and to incorporate AI into my photos.

Unlimited is an arts commissioning body that supports, funds and promotes new work by disabled artists for UK and international audiences. Their mission is to commission extraordinary work from disabled artists that will change and challenge the world.

From Unlimited, "We want to create a world where disabled artists have equity throughout the cultural sector, nationally and internationally. Our mission and values are for the board, staff, freelancers, artists, allies and others with whom we connect. We will ensure they are at the heart of what we do and how we do it."

See for information about their artists, their commissions and what they do.


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