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The making of a modern interpretation of Antonio Perada's 'Allegory of Vanity' from 1636

Antonio Perada was one of the leading names in Spanish 17th-century painting. This is a Vanitas called Vanitas Vanitatum. I've made a modern version of the picture. All the things in life are ephemeral as is life itself. A Kalashnikov the most popular of life-ending modern devices, a McDonald's - the burger that never dies, Piles of meds we use to try and extend life and so on. A passing reference to Pre-Raphaelite painting - romantic idealisation of non-existent entities. Skulls are a Vanitas way of reminding us we are temporary. They were once people but there's no way to know anything about them from a skull. The angel wears Adidas and holds a phone - the ubiquitous machine that you are looking at this picture on, and on and on. We are now used to getting and believing everything it tells us. Probably not a great idea. A couriered box - Amazon or whatever.


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