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The truth about disability benefits: ‘people are killing themselves because of this system’

An in-depth review of my 2021 documentary on channel 4 dispatches documentary 'The Truth About Disability Benefits'.

"The programme, filmed and presented by disabled filmmaker Richard Butchins, investigates a series of unexpected deaths, including suicide, by disabled benefit claimants, examining how failings by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) may have contributed.

"Butchins could not find any data on suicide and benefits, so he collected his own, designing a survey in conjunction with the Centre for Welfare Reform, which was sent to 80,000 claimants. The figures are shared exclusively with

"Of the the 3,500 who responded, 13 per cent said they had attempted suicide as a result of interacting with the DWP. A third said it had caused them to plan suicide, while 61 per cent said the way the system is implemented led them to have suicidal thoughts.


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