reinventing vanitas pictures

I was searching for a metaphor for a disability that would resonate
with all kinds of people. My search took me to cut flowers and Vanitas. The purpose of Vanitas paintings was ‘memento mori’ - something we would all be wise to remember. It was the lowest form of the painted arts in its time. Interestingly, the portrayal of the
‘perfection’ of the human form was considered the epitome of artistic
expression. How apt then, to use Vanitas as a metaphor for the
disabled body."



The Voice of the Unicorn was a 
video art installation commissioned 
by Unlimited [Arts Council Uk and British Council]. I worked with a group of non verbal autistic artists in Japan to create an interactive art work. The project was awarded the Interactive prize at the 2018 Sheffield Documentary Festival.



Television Work

I also make documentaries for television here are some of them - not all - just the ones I have the little cards we send out when it's about to be broadcast



Video Installation and Podcast

Originally commissioned by arts commissioning programme Unlimited as a moving image installation and exhibited at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival, ‘213 Things about Me’ was also presented as a theatre performance by actor Rosa Hoskins staged at the Battersea Arts Centre in May 2018. It is now produced into a 7-part narrative podcast published by Disability Arts Online as part of their Covid Commissions season. Additional funding was provided by Unlimited. Click here to go to the Podcast


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