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the voice of the unicorn

The Voice of the Unicorn was a video art installation commissioned 
by Unlimited (Arts Council Uk and British Council). I worked with a group of non verbal autistic artists in Japan to create an interactive art work. The project was awarded the Interactive prize at the 2018 Sheffield DocFest.

video installation

The Voice Of The Unicorn - in situ - Sheffield DocFest and Buenos Aires

The Voice Of The Unicorn - Project Trailer

installation image gallery


Disability Arts Online September 2018:

"With The Voice of the Unicorn Butchins has successfully conveyed the process of making art as a defining act for those artists in this particular institution. It is as if the space itself within Corners has been elevated to a state of grace where creativity is the only thing that makes sense in the world – and what it brings is peace and a certain freedom from imposed meaning in nonsensical and hierarchical ways that is the general state in which society operates." more


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